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Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Denver

BHRT helps improve sleep

How to Improve Sleep and Boost Immunity with Optimized Hormones

The proper amount of good sleep is critical in maintaining a healthy immune response. You can improve sleep with hormones. Getting enough sleep improves the body’s ability to produce antibodies and other important components of the immune system. While sleeping, the body releases pro-inflammatory cytokines which play a key role in fighting infections. Additionally, studies…
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Learn How to Reverse Aging Through Hormone Optimization

Join Integrative Health and Rehabilitation and Emy Banulos, a certified BioTE educator, to learn how to reverse aging through hormone optimization. Hormones help build strong bones, prevent cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction and much more. Aging affects hormone production and how our body responds to them. This causes dangerous hormonal imbalances. Menopause is the most widely…
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Healthy male BioTE Denver patient

8 Myths About Testosterone

Even though Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has been used since the 1930’s, there are many myths about it’s safety.  Here are 8 myths about testosterone and the reality behind it’s benefits. 1) Testosterone causes prostate cancer. The research behind this myth goes back to 1941 when a doctor noted that one of his patients with…
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